Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was really fun! Epcot had probably 70 thousand people in the park and it was crazy! We were given hats and noise makers and the fireworks were amazing! Every country had their own countdown and celebration, including Canada! Italy and China had disco's set up with dj's and strobe lights. We drank half yards of stella from the UK and later had rose regale champagne from Italy! Happy New Year everyone!


Melanie Catherine said...

Happy New Year Candice! Looking forward to seeing you soon in 2007!!
Oh and to answer your question on my blog, we went to a club type thing that people we know rented out. It's in Surrey. =)

Anonymous said...

New post!!

TopCat said...

Happy New Year Candice

I hope 2007 is a good year for you. Your 2006 has been amazing - I'm so envious xxx

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