Sunday, May 27, 2007

I went to Nunavut!!

My flight to Glasgow, which was supposed to be non-stop from Vancouver, was re-routed and had an unscheduled stop in Iqaluit, Nunavut - Canada's Artic territory! A lady at the back of the airline was very sick and a nurse (passenger called forward) hooked her up to an IV. Flying throught the night, the lights were on everyone was wondering what was going on... All of a sudden, about an hour later, an announcement was made notifying us that we were landing so the lady could have a doctor's help.

We landed in the middle of nowhere!!! We were literally surrounded by snow with minus cold conditions! We were in Nunavut, the tiny airport had never seen a plane of our size and was not equipped to get the doctor on board. Once she was taken off by a doctor with a ladder, her suitcase needed to be found which took in total about 3 hours. The important thing was this lady was on her way to the hospital, but what an adventure!!! I'm surprised this town had anything, let alone a hospital!!! Finally after a twelve hour delayed flight I am here. Having an amazing time!! - More posts and pictures to Come!!!


TopCat said...

You're coming to London. Please mail me if you want to meet up

That might be a freaky request, so no offence taken if you don't xx

Lisa's Diet said...

Wow Candice that's unbelievable, being on a huge jet and having to land so far up north! The 3 hr wait must have been torture, flying to Europe takes long enough as it is. Hope your having a fantastic trip!

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