Sunday, December 10, 2006

Central Park

The one thing I really wanted to do during this trip to New York was go Ice Skating in Central Park. So on the last day we woke up really early, got all packed up and took a short cab to Wollman Rink in Central Park (from the film Serendipity). It was an absolutely beautiful day, cold and crisp but very sunny! We all rented skates and drank hot chocolate. It was so much fun, and I never wanted this day to end. We then walked around Central Park and watched the carriages go by. It was perfect!

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Anonymous said...

It was so cold but remember we met that guy from kids that was so wierd after we had just watched the movie. Todds speak topped it all off tho on Tanis bday I would like to make a toast WE ALL THOUGHT IT WAS TO TANIS. But know it was to todds mum for baring him as a child so funny I laugh as I type this. haha

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