Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tropical Storm

So we were supposed to have a visit in Central Florida from Hurricane Ernesto. However while passing the gulf, he turned into a tropical storm. Luckily, all we have seen is a bunch of lousy wind and rain. Today was my only day off this week and It poured. Sean and I went to downtown disney and had Earl of Sandwich. Later on I went to PF Changs at the Mall at Millenia for dinner with Knut and his Norweigan friend. I then spent the rest of the night watching tv and scrapbooking. Its nice to stay in and listen the the rain fall outside.


Melanie Catherine said...

Glad you escaped the Hurricaine and enjoyed the Tropical Storm Candi Cane! Can't wait to see you..sooo sooooon!!!

Lisa's Diet said...

Aww you went home and scrap booked, that sounds so cozy. You'll have to bring the book along when you come visit. See you soon.

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