Thursday, August 10, 2006


This morning I had a Jackson Triggs Wine Tasting seminar at work. We also got to try some new items from the fall menu, which were very delicious! I worked til 4 and then Tracy and Pierre Luc came and met me and we went and got Margaritas in Mexico. We then had dinner in the Mexican restaurant. It was sooooo good! Our server Pablo was awesome and the food was amazing! We then went on the Mexican Boat ride! We walked around World Showcase after and had a really fun night!

Tracy, Pierre Luc and I in front of the Seven Seas Lagoon. You may be able to see Canada in the background!
Best Lime Margaritas ever!!!

Here I am with my neighbor Jose Luis!
Trying on Mexican Ponchos.

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Lisa's Diet said...

Nice Poncho's :)

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