Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Birthday and Princess dining

For my birthday yesterday, myself and 8 friends went to the restaurant in Norway and dined with the princesses! We had a really fun time, and after we went on the Norweigan boat ride and walked over to the Boardwalk to take pictures. Later on Sheena, Tracy and I went to the Florida mall and did some shopping!

Last night we went to Motion at Pleasure Island for my birthday! Here are the pics...


Anonymous said...

Wow Candice- Love the outfit that you wore to Motion!!!! Did you get the belt at Guess? I hope that you had a wonderful Birthday. Miss you lots and lots

~Share~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDACE!!! Sounds like you are having the time of your life down there! I love reading your blog and I promise to post more comments;)

miss you girl!


Candice said...

Thanks Girls Miss you too! Yes Shannon I got that belt from Guess and the dress from Forever 21

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