Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Great day!

Right now I am in the best mood ever, so I thought I would blog! Today I had my culinary day which was awesome! I got to dress in a chef uniform and try all the foods all day. It was wonderful and everyone who works in the kitchen is so nice! I ate steak, prawn pasta, mushroom risotto, salads, appys and tons of desserts! Creme Brulee is my favortite!! I also got to make lots of the desserts, the coolest was making chocolate mousse from scratch!

Yesterday at work there was a huge rain storm and after the most beautiful rainbow! I was training Heather on greeter and we took a picture after the storm.

The best part of today was Alicia moved in to my apartment! We are now roomates! When I got home from work she had moved in all her stuff and was putting up pictures. I am so happy because we are going to have the best time, we had a glass of wine to celebrate and we are later going to an International party in apartment 19! Tommorrow I am food running and next week Im going into service!

P.S. Life is good here in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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