Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Go Jonny!! (Kansas Football Star!) see the video

The Jayhawks went on to win, 36-8, at Memorial Stadium.

"Jon is a talented young guy, and slowly but surely he's putting his game together," KU coach Mark Mangino said. "He's pretty close to becoming a complete player."

Once again, Cornish exploded for big gains in limited chances, rushing for 103 yards and three touchdowns on just 10 carries against the Mountaineers. Against Florida Atlantic last week, he rushed for 45 yards on just four touches.

That's 14 rushes for 148 yards this season -- a staggering 10.6 yards per carry.

"One thing he does that I like, he runs with a natural lean with his pads down," Mangino said. "He takes very few blows from defenders in the ribs or in the chest. He has a good lean to him. His feet are extremely quick. He's just a powerful guy."

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